Bride +1 

A romantic comedy about manifesting your dreams!















Bride+1 is a romantic comedy about a 39 year old Latina who has never been married but really wants children so she sends out a "save-the-date" notice to all her loved ones saying that she will be married on May 15th.

Now, all she needs to do, is find a groom!

You are invited !









Christina Morales Hemenway


Help us bring Bride+1 get to the big screen

by becoming an Executive Producer

We are looking for 100k for finishing funds to complete the feature which includes:

1) paying the actors

2) post-production

3) prints and advertising

For credited investors we are offering 1% of net profits for every $15k invested.  


Risks & Challenges

Investing in movies is always a risk but we believe we have the right concept, the right script and the right talent to minimize those risks.

    •    We have already made three feature films  and know the pitfalls to avoid to make a financially successful project.

    •    We have kept the budget very low so that even if only 1 person spends $10 to see it at each of the 16,000 art houses in America, we will still surpass what we spent on making the film!

A comparable film like My Big Fat Greek Wedding,  for an example, became the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time and grossed $241.4 million in North America, despite never reaching number one at the box office during its release.

You can be a part of this dream by helping getting Latinos in front of and behind the camera, to give audiences a good laugh and to inspire them to manifest their own dreams!

Contact: Christina Morales Hemenway here


Christina Morales Hemenway plays Bride in Bride+1 with suitors including James Duval
Headshot of Christina Morales Hemenway- Writer/Director/Producer/Actor