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A Very Mary Holiday (1).png
aka Waiting for Jesus
Mystical Drama

When an orphan from Mexico (who is said to be born of a virgin) is adopted by a couple from Beverly Hills, CA he runs away to East LA where he has a spiritual awakening in jail.
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An action/mystery/romance. A gorgeous but shy psychic has a premonition that her favorite movie hero will die if she doesn't share a vision with him. So she goes to an exotic island where he is shooting a movie but his securty keeps her away from him because they are convinced that she's a crazy fanatic.
A VERY "MARY" HOLIDAY-  Romantic Comedy
During the Christmas Holiday, free-spirited Mary finds out that her fiancé is an English Lord. She stuggles to live up to the family’s expectations and realizes she’s falling for the black sheep of the family.


Available Feature Scripts:


Too Much of a Good Thing- A Romantic Comedy about a dashing, young billionaire who happens to fall in love with two very different women on the same day.


Penny Pennzoil- A Comedy about a female racecar driver whose uncle keeps trying to kill her for her family fortune.


The Risk- A Romance about a man who falls in love with a young Latina actress only to find out she's HIV positive. She teaches him about his spirit and he teaches her how to really live.


The Fire of the Saint- Told in the style of Magic Realism, this story is about a young lady who is trying to find her identity as a woman in a town that happens to be made up of all family members.


Autumn Leaves- An 80’s Coming of Age Romantic Comedy about a high school counselor who catches a little boy smoking pot on the playground and is taken into a flashback of his high school years.

Available short scripts:


Rounding First- A Family Friendly film about 9 little boys in heaven that have to play cupid to their prospective parents in order to play baseball together on earth.


3 Wishes- A Coming of Age story about a young girl who meets her future self.


Scripts In Development:

Rainbow Warriors- A Family Friendly Action Adventure about 7 children with special powers who come together to save the planet.

A Blood Red Moon- a tale of redemption.

Universal Chord- A 17-year-old girl switches places with her grandmother in 1969.

Soccer Moms- A Dark Comedy. Three moms moonlight as an assassin a prostitute and a drug dealer but can they get through soccer season?

SuperHuman Mom- Family Action/Comedy. When her mother dies, a woman inherits the abilities of all the women who have passed before her. The Challenge? Knowing when to use which powers!


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