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My Old Flame
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A musical love story. A woman, who is having trouble in her marriage, auditions to be a wedding singer only to find out that the other male vocalist is her old flame.
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An action/mystery/romance. A gorgeous but shy psychic wants to have a normal family life so she takes a pill to suppress her abilities but before it kicks in, she discovers that her favorite movie hero will die if she doesn't share a vision with him. So she goes to an exotic island where he is shooting a movie but his securty keeps her away from him because they are convinced that she's a crazy fanatic.
Tommy Hollywood & Katie Encino Move to the Midwest
to Get Real
A broad comedy about two LA airheads that move to the Midwest to figure out how to have a “real” relationship. [Interest from actors Jen Elise Cox [Back-up Plan], James Duval [Independence Day] and Vince Vieluf [Rat Race]]



Available Feature Scripts:


Too Much of a Good Thing- A Romantic Comedy about a dashing, young billionaire who happens to fall in love with two very different women on the same day.


Penny Pennzoil- A Comedy about a female racecar driver whose uncle keeps trying to kill her for her family fortune.


The Risk- A Romance about a man who falls in love with a young Latina actress only to find out she's HIV positive. She teaches him about his spirit and he teaches her how to really live.


The Fire of the Saint- Told in the style of Magic Realism, this story is about a young lady who is trying to find her identity as a woman in a town that happens to be made up of all family members.


Jesus on 34th Street- A Mystic Drama about a Latino gang member who feels that he is supposed to be the second coming of Christ.


Autumn Leaves- An 80’s Coming of Age Romantic Comedy about a high school counselor who catches a little boy smoking pot on the playground and is taken into a flashback of his high school years.


A Very Mary Xmas- A Romantic Comedy. An American girl falls in love with a man only to find out that he is an English Lord. It’s every woman’s dream to be treated like a princess but is it all it’s cracked up to be?


Available short scripts:


Rounding First- A Family Friendly film about 9 little boys in heaven that have to play cupid to their prospective parents in order to play baseball together on earth.


3 Wishes- A Coming of Age story about a young girl who meets her future self.



Feature scripts in development:

Rainbow Warriors- A Family Friendly Action Adventure about 7 children with special powers who come together to save the planet.

Series in Development:


Soccer Moms- A Dark Comedy. Three moms moonlight as an assassin a prostitute and a drug dealer but can they get through soccer season?

SuperHuman Mom- Family Action/Comedy. When her mother dies, a woman inherits the abilities of all the women who have passed before her. The Challenge? Knowing when to use which powers!

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