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Ever thought about being an Executive Producer of a Dancingstar movie? 

An Executive Producer is someone who has invested in the movie, that gets to share in the profits. Dancingstar Productions retains the controlling share of 51% and 49% is offered to Executive Producers at a "Point" or 1% per share. At Dancingstar Productions our goal is to produce one movie per year. So we are always in development, pre-production, production, post-production, or distribution. 

Which movie can you be an Executive Producer on right now? 

Right now during post-production of GET REAL, we are offering anyone who puts in $30,000 1 % of the net profit AND thanks to our fiscal sponsor, it can be a tax write-off!

Have a Brand, Product, or Service you want to advertise? 

Let your media outlets know that your business is featured in the movie. Dancingstar films are placed on streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime, Fandango, Apple TV, etc as well as cable stations and movie theaters. Literally, Millions of people all over the nation could see your brand or product, or service.

How do I become a partner? 

It all starts with a conversation, once you've looked at our new projects, schedule a one-on-one conversation with Christina Morales Hemenway here:

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