Ever thought about being an Executive Producer? 

An Executive Producer is someone who invested in the movie, that gets to share in the profits.

During the development period, we are offering anyone who puts $5,000 or $5,000 worth of sweat equity 1 % of the net profit. Dancingstar Productions retains the controlling share of 51% and 49% is offered to Executive Producers at a "Point" or 1% per $5,000 invested. 

When we get into production it will cost $10,000 per point, Post-Production $20,000 per point, and Distribution $40,000 per point. The reason we set up this schedule is we are honoring your faith in the project. In the early stages, it takes more faith to invest and so the point is offered at a lower rate.

Here are some of your options for which you would receive 1% of the net profits and the credit of an Executive Producer:

-Investing 30 days of work on location

-Investing $5,000 worth of equipment

-Providing $5,000 of food

Have your business featured in the movie. For only $5,000, Millions of people all over the nation will see your brand or product, or service. Dancingstar films are placed on streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime, Fandango, Apple TV, etc as well as cable stations and movie theaters.


To be an Executive Producer or a Corporate Sponsor, contact us

These are some of the businesses we are looking to partner with:

Rental Car Agency

Real Estate Brooker

Funeral Home


Insurance Agency

Snow Plow Service

Galleria Shopping Mall

Dungeons & Dragons

Cosmopolitan magazine


Tiffany's Jewelry Store

Magic 8 Ball

Whole Foods

Thomas Guide


LA Yoga

MI Taxi Service

Detroit Waterfront/General Motors

Enterprise Rental

Map of Michigan- Visit MI campaign

John Cusak/Groose Point

National Radio Station

 "Small town dinner")- Coney Island?

MI Realtor

Milan Newspaper


Milan Grocery Store

Milan Gym


Jose Eber of similair Vidal Sassson

Funeral Home Nie

Insurance Agent

Milan School

Milan paper

Milan groomer


Lemonade bran

kamart, walmart or similair

fishing rod


hamburger meat

Television Brand

Michigan mall


Jimmy Choo

Louis Vitton

GAP (or similar as long as it was around in 2005)

Forever 21 (or similar as long as it was around in 2005)

GM ford or Crystler

Farmer's Market


Gardener White or similar mi furniture store


Editing Studio - Russel Video

Sixth car rental

Cell phone company

Convenience store at the airport

To be an Executive Producer or a Corporate Sponsor, contact us

Have a Brand, Product, or Service you want to advertise? 

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