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Concept/ Scriptwriting $60/hour

Script editing $60/hour

Casting $60/hour


(Home-grown look):

Videographer with on-camera sound and available lighting $500/day

(Videographer does not include any producing or directing.

You’ll need to coordinate details and tell this person exactly what to do. )

Producer/Director $500/day

(Coordinates details, directs talent and crew)

Talent $250/day


(Professional look):

(8-hour shoot, including 1 half-hour lunch break and budget under $250k)

Camera person w/ camera or Camera Assistant $500/day

Camera person w/ full camera package (Including dolly, steady cam, etc.)  $1500/day

Sound person w/ Basic Equipment $600/day

Boom Assist $250/day

Director/Producer $1500/day

Line Producer $500/day

Lighting person w/ Basic Equipment $600/day

Actors $250/day

Background non-speaking actors $15/hour

Hair $250/day

Make-up $250/day

Script Supervisor / Continuity $500/day

Craft Services/ Food Manager $500/day

Food $15/meal

Post-Production Rates

Video Editor $60/hour

Sound Editor $60/hour

Voice-Over Actors $125/day

Soundtrack creation $60/hour

Content Creation Rates



-Graphic Arts



-Video Editing



Social Media Marketing/Management Rates

$2500/ month

-Daily posts on 3 social platforms

-Post Responses

-30 day targeted ad placements with analytics


Consulting Rates

Consulting one-on-one with Christina Morales Hemenway 


-creative success coaching

-communication style coaching

-presentational speech coaching

-acting coaching

-presence coaching


Workshop Rates


Group training with Christina Morales Hemenway

4 to 40 participants for up to 8 hours


Frequently asked questions:


How long is a script?

About a minute per screen time.


On average how long does it take to shoot a feature film?

30 days of development

30 days of pre-production

30 days of production

30 days of post-production

30 days of marketing and distribution


Other questions?



*On-location video production of events, commercial and industrial needs, organizations, and individuals delivered in 1080p 16:9 format unless otherwise specified. Assets are property of the client with Dancingstar Productions  LLC retaining fair use rights to promote the client and the community unless otherwise agreed.

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